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RandTech I.T., the Johannesburg-based I.T. Consultancy, led by Tash Bhairo, I.T. professional with 13 years of experience in the South African telecommunications and information technology and information communication technology space. RandTech I.T.’s approach focusses on 3 key factors: transparency, innovation and business intelligence. We understand that your aim for your business is to grow, and your technological needs, need to be aligned with your business objectives and unique situation.

How we approach consulting

Our aim is to understand your business goals & specific tech requirements

Building longterm partnerships: future-proofing your business

Holistic approach to business and technology

Reliable I.T. professionals

Excellence not execution


RandTech I.T. offers multiple in-person and advanced remote services to Johannesburg clients. Our clientele receive custom systems. Focus on your business goals, whilst we serve, maintain and amplify your infrastructure and networks.

We walk with you and your business, and our services aim to build your business within the technology space.

Managed I.T Services

In the ever-demanding modern age , never has there been a greater demand for information technology systems to propel business and operations into orbit using strategic holistic turnkey services!


We offer a variety of network solutions, from physical cable installations, internet connectivity, wi-fi networks, fibre connectivity, to wide area networks spanning entire cities.

Server Infrastructure

From cloud server infrastructure, small-onsite NAS, to an onsite data centre, we are well versed and experienced in installation and maintenance of server infrastructure systems to fit your custom business operation.


We take security very seriously, as it can be detrimental to your operational data. We use the best antivirus and anti-malware systems which are regularly tested.

Disaster Recovery

As accredited Altaro and Acronis technicians and Symantec system administrators, we adopt a proactive mindset (not “if” but "when" data loss happens) to mitigate downtime and losses. Our 3-2-1 backup scenario has saved multiple clients.

Cloud Services

Whatever you choose, we have you covered: We are well versed in cloud technologies and host our own tried and tested cloud solutions i.e. Online Exchange, SharePoint, G Suite applications, Office 365 and One Drive.

I.T. Consulting

We want to build a relationship with you, and assist you with technology in growing. This mindset and approach is a core component of how we work, and what we are passionate about. As your business partner in I.T. we offer consulting where we strategies and plan the future of your business using the latest technologies and trusted technologies.

Hardware Sales

We sell a variety of consumables that will enhance your business operations i.e. major server component hardware such as Intel server systems, Supermicro, Dell, IBM HP and Asus / Lenovo, desktops to laptops, peripherals, Wi-Fi access systems (MESH and Mikrotik systems), toners and flash/ hard drives.

Software Sales

Randtechit hold many licenses for over a hundred different pieces of software which you may require at affordable prices, direct from us a reseller of the software. Whether its Microsoft Office or Nessus to anything in between, we have it!

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Our core values


Honesty, integrity and transparent communication guide every consultant and technician's touch point with you.


We pride ourselves in utilizing the latest trends and technological updates to enhance your information technology (I.T.) systems.

Business Intelligence

Using business intelligence and your unique business structure, we implement networks and server infrastructures, that amplifies and rockets your business growth.

Attention to Detail

The devils are in the details, and we know how to catch a good devil. We comb through your I.T. system carefully, as part of solving holistic I.T. concerns.

Who is randtech i.t.?

Innovation, passion and consulting

The core of our business is I.T. Consulting. We don’t just manage or maintain from a distance. We get involved. We are proactive about your requirements. Our aim is to build a relationship with you, and assist you growth using technology, strategy and planning. It is a primal component of the way we work. We are not sales people. We are passionate about innovation and technology. We ensure that our team consists of talented, professional engineers, who will be working with you to get you where you need, and offer transparent meaningful assistance. So, give us a call, and tell us your dreams, let’s see how we can ensure they become a reality!

What our clients say about us