Terms of service – What is included in your I.T. maintainance contract?

At RandTech IT…


we pride ourselves on being proactive, that means identifying, monitoring and repairing issues before they become business critical matters. And to do that we, we make use of many third-party Software systems, hosted physical datacentres and servers, as well as globally located Virtual private servers, and firewalls as well as Software as a service technology to build, maintain and scale our clients enterprises, efficiently and cost effectively.

In order to deliver the most efficient, effective and economic, technologies we may, from time-to-time, request clients to part take in performance test exercises by setting up and utilising the potential services or technology and evaluating the performance by means of tracking and data analytics generated by the system, Software or even appliance being tested.

We attempt to undertake these exercises at least once a year, depending on how quickly the technologies change however this year, we have had to scale our infrastructure due to remote network management so we decided to cut back costs by postponing the Technology research by another 12 months and revaluating then.

However, that does not mean that you have any sub-par technologies. The technologies we use and provide to our clients on a daily basis is still top of the line and have kept up with the rapidly changing world of cyber space. Rand Tech IT delivers excellent offerings at a reasonable rate that you will find in most instances, that other SME’s do not operate, here’s looking at you, Life hospital.

I kept mentioning the “Value for money” theme and that is important to us as we tend to not charge extra for any of these third-party services and instead bundle it with your contract rate.

We therefore feel it necessary to explain to you in the simplest language that we can, what you are paying for, in the effort of manicuring a culture of transparency with all our stakeholders.


RandTech IT Contract Rate includes the following complementary services:


Solid State Infrastructure Domain Hosting


Your domain is hosted in a solid state server system where normal platter based hard drives are not utilised, and instead we make use of Redundant Arrays of Enterprise grade solid state hard drives to house all your hosted Domain data such as your website, your cache email, your mailbox data, forwarding addresses data, and DNS data. We opted to invest in building our own SSD infrastructure as opposed to the general platter based hosting systems similar to what other ISP’s would offer you because all the service that are hosted on domain storage is database reliant which makes them speed hungry therefore using SSD’s instead of traditional Hard drives reduces the load speed of websites and email deliverability and DNS resolution by exponential factors.

Third-party Antispam by MXGuardDog


All email that flows through our networks and yours, are first delivered to our antispam provider and scanned for spam and more importantly, the more malicious, such as Ransomware and Phishing attacks. Once cleaned and filtered, the email then gets deliver to our servers where we route it to the next hop, wherever that may be perhaps your onsite mail server or our hosted SaaS server waiting for collection.

Redundant email hosting


Either by CPanel / AWS or MXGuardDog

If, for whatever reason, your PC, network or server is unable to receive the email, our systems are configured in a redundant manner which allows email spooling, IE, collecting email and storing, them, awaiting online delivery. As soon as you are ready to receive, the email is “RailGunned” to the destination and delivered to the mailboxes, all seamlessly and automatically.

RMM – Remote Monitoring and Management


RandTechIT’s pride and joy is our customized RMM solutions. We have taken some off the shelf technologies and tailored them for our client’s specific use. We make use of 2 major systems listed below

            Remote Monitoring by Nessus Tenable https://www.tenable.com

            Remote Management by ConnectWise http://support.rapidremote.co.za/

Managed Firewall Hosting – RandTech IT


We RandTech IT don’t believe in putting all our eggs in one basket, therefore in addition to all the technologies we rely on which are hosted SaaS, we also built and configured our own array of 4edunadnt servers including firewalls that filter traffic before reaching your network. These hosted firewall solutions are a secondary layer of network traffic security by scanning traffic before delivering it to your network and removing the bad stuff such as deadlinks, viruses, redirected sites, non SSL traffic masquerading and much more of which will take me years to explain.

Dynamic DNS and DNS management


by Zonomi https://zonomi.com and RandTech IT

All business grades network whether static IP or not, require DynDNS systems. By using DynDNS systems, we can rapidly change the flow of traffic, in the event of system failure, or Service outage, we can quickly ensure nothing is lost and downtime is mitigated, think of it as a redundant layer of DNS.

Uptime monitor by Pingdom


As simple as it sounds, we use Pingdom service to monitor our client’s network for uptime, the moment something is not working, we immediately know about it.

Blacklist scanning by MXToolbox and SFP (Sender Framework Policy)


IP spoofing is a reality unfortunately. That means the more malicious inclined could use your network assigned IP or domain to send massive email blasts or targeted phishing attacks or even just corporate espionage (which we have plenty of experience in dealing with) and therefore jeopardize your domain and IP reputation, in addition with service like DynDNS, discussed above, we also make use of MXToolbox monitoring software to monitor our clients domains and report and mis-dealings so we can be informed of malicious email attacks as they happen allowing us to more efficiently mitigate the attacks by rerouting email traffic and clearing reputations at the spam providers.

Contract Limitations


Contracts are limited to a single network and business only. As networks are unqiue, the services above, as part of a single contract, will only apply to devices within one network, for security and maintainance purposes. This means that we are unable to service multiple businesses under a single contract.

Contracts cannot be shared between users. I.e. if the client has 20 users, the client will not be able to take on a contract for 10 devices, and allocate users for one month to 10 devices, and the next month allocate the other users. Contracts are fixed to users for security and maintainance purposes.

Contracts include business day allocated work – work will only be completed on weekdays between business operating hours (9am to 5pm). Work requested over weekends and on public holidays will be for the account of the client. Invoices for overtime work will be sent at the end of the month. Overtime rates will apply.

Contracts do not include hardware or software. This will be for the account of the client. Hardware and software require a 50% deposit prior to ordering, with the remaining 50% to be settled before delivery.

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