Updating Windows 10

Steps to updating Microsoft Windows 10


In This short Video, we will show you how to update the Microsoft Windows 10 operating System.


Updating is very important and you should strive to ensure your system is checked and updated at least once a week.


Step 1) Click on the Windows Icon (⊞) on the bottom Left-hand side of your screen.

Step 2) Click on the gear settings icon (⚙) (Or use the keyboard shortcuts “Windows key” and “i” at the same time.)

Step 3) Click “Update and Security”

Step 4) Click “Check for updates”

Step 5) let the system download and install the updates and most importantly, please Reboot your system when it asks and WAIT for it to finish installing the updates, do not power cycle or allow the battery to run down or the power to drop, this will almost certainly ensure system corruption.


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