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Learning Centre Video

Updating Windows 10

Steps to updating Microsoft Windows 10   In This short Video, we will show you how to update the Microsoft Windows 10 operating System.   Updating is very important and you should strive to ensure your system is checked and updated at least once a

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Latest Tech News

Decade Old Exploit in Windows Defender finally patched

CVE-2021-24092   For the last 12 years, Microsoft Windows has transitioned security management off third-party apps and decided to take control themselves and developed Windows Defender and built it in the Windows 8 Engine.   Since then, Windows Defender has been drastically improved upon and

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Latest Tech News

Stop Using The SARS Browser Immediately!

Flash was Dead 15 years go The year is 2005, I am sitting in Computer Science class which is a triple period. Our class of only 5 students, requires a decent amount of time to create, run and test code for the programs that we

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