Our Consultants and Technicians’ aim is to rocket your business, using business intelligence and information technology.


The core of our business is I.T. Consulting. We don’t just manage or maintain from a distance. We get involved. We are proactive about your requirements.


Our aim is to build a relationship with you, and assist you growth using technology, strategy and planning. It is a primal component of the way we work. We are not sales people. We are passionate about innovation and technology. We ensure that our team consists of talented, professional engineers, who will be working with you to get you where you need, and offer transparent meaningful assistance.


So, give us a call, and tell us your dreams, let’s see how we can ensure they become a reality!

What services do we offer?

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In the ever-demanding modern age of interconnected cloud systems and online consumers and staff alike, never has there been a greater demand for information Technology systems in order to maintain, grow and propel business and operations into orbit! Whether you are the owner of the organization or the network administrator or even the office manager, one thing is for certain, Partnering with RandTechIT will ensure that all your organisations Technology needs are met and your expectations well surpassed. We offer a strategic an holistic turnkey approach to any business and network. We Tailor the service offering around the requirements of the business with unlimited support contracts and 24/7/365 proactive network management as well as all IT vendor management from network peripherals such as printers and scanners to cloud and domain hosting, all under one roof, one phone call.


One or a thousand and everything in between. Our core goal is to ensure efficiency in the way we manage networks and network infrastructure. From physical cable installations to wide area networks spanning entire cities, we can handle it and have a track record to prove it. We use industry leading software and hardware to proactively monitor and maintain networks and network related hardware such as switches, WIFI devices and firewalls and can identify and repair issues before they become a problem.

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Not everyone has the luxury or burden, depending on how you look at it, to acquire onsite server systems. Whatever you have, however, may it be a Windows or Linux or even Mac onsite server systems, you can be sure, we are well versed in the tech, have dealt with it before and can tackle it again. Anything to get you operational at the best of your ability! We also host our own server infrastructure, co-located in JHB, KZN and Cape town, offering complete cloud solutions for email, hosted SharePoint intranets’, domain controllers, file sharing, domain and website hosting as well as DNS filtering and DYNDNS services all for your full or hybrid use, tailored toy our needs.


Over 1800 malicious pieces of code are submitted to Norton analytics every day! Can you imagine, or perhaps you need to imagine and you were one of the 30 000 business’s affected by malware or ransomware in 2019 alone? We take security very seriously and hold I high above all other pillars of our operation. RandTechIT believe in investing only in the best Antivirus and anti-malware systems which are tested regularly to ensure that we are still using the best systems, when it comes to online service offerings or firewall maintenance and even blueprint housing, we sue AES military grade encryption form end to end and patch and up[date systems actively and not only when required. By ensuring we are encrypted end-to-end and performing regular updates and patches in order to weed out vulnerabilities, we can mitigate the impeding weasel which is malicious attack.


A company’s true test is introduced when the need arises to get back up after a disaster, and the only way to do that as easily as possible is to prepare effectively for that situation. In addition to security, the next pillar would be data redundancy. RandtechIT are accredited Altaro and Acronis, as well as Symantec system administrators. We adopt a mind set of not “If” data loss will occur, but rather “When” will it occur and plan to mitigate downtime during that event. That is why we adopt the 3-2-1 backup scenario for all clients and our own. Where there are 3 backups in operation at any given time. 2 – Backup sets of data to be available onsite, either on shadow copy, secondary server, External backup or NAS, and 1 – Data set offsite, by cloud backup or manually external carry away. This way, we ensure that even in the event of complete disaster, you still have your data.


The onset and rapid expansion of fibre has rocketed cloud service offerings in south African and around the globe alike. We are well versed in all cloud technologies and even host our own cloud solutions using tried and tested Microsoft technologies such as Online Exchange and SharePoint. We also have accreditations in GSuite application, as well as office 365 and One Drive. Whatever you choose, we have you covered.

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The core of our business. We don’t want to just tell you what we want to do. We want to build a relationship with you, and assist you with technology in growing, that is a primal component of the way we work. We are not sales people, we are talented engineers working with you to get you where you need and offer all the assistance, we can in order to get you there. So, give us a call, and tell us your dreams, let’s see how we can ensure they become a reality!


RandTechIT hold multiple supplier applications and even import a technology or two on our own in the case where the specific technology is not yet available in SA yet. We can find whatever you need from consumables like toners and flash drives to major server component hardware such as intel server systems and supermicro, Dell, IBM HP and Asus / Lenovo, and everything in between, from Desktops to laptops, gaming peripherals like water cooling, full RGB sets and even full Wi-Fi access systems consisting of MESH and Mikrotik systems, we have it all!

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Looking for a piece of software and can’t find it anywhere? Randtechit hold many licenses for over a hundred different pieces of software which you may require at affordable prices, direct from us a reseller of the software. Whether its Microsoft Office or Nessus to anything in between, we have it!

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